MGMT822 2101D- 01 Unit 4 Discussion Board

MGMT822 2101D- 01

Unit 4 Discussion Board

Due Date: Saturday, April 10, 2020

Primary Task Response:
Find and review the following article: BELOW (INFO ON ALL ARTICLES ARE BELOW AND ONE IS ATTACHED

    PAPASTEPHANOU, M. (2010). Aristotle, the Action Researcher. Journal of Philosophy of Education, 44(4), 589595.  (this article is attached)

    Postholm, M. B., & Skrvset, S. (2013). The researcher reflecting on her own role during action research. Educational Action Research, 21(4), 506518. Below highlighted in green

    Shah, H., Eardley, A., & Wood-Harper, T. (2007). ALTAR: Achieving learning through action research. European Journal of Information Systems, 16(6), 761-770. doi: ABI Inform  (highlighted in purple below)

Answer these questions
    Define self as an instrument for change.

    What behaviors will you need to employ to bring this principle to life during your organization’s project? Why?

    Why is self as an instrument for change such an important part of the work?

    How do single- and double-loop learning connect to action research? Why is this important, or is it not important?  (Info below in yellow)

    Use Microsoft SmartArt to illustrate your method, steps, process, structure, etc. (Do this as well)