MAT 1100 Week 12 Project

MAT 1100 Week 12 Project
Spring 2021

Project Objectives.
Recognize and use appropriate graphs and numerical summaries to de-
scribe the distribution of categorical and numerical data.
Understand that responses to statistical questions should take variabil- ity into account.
Understand distributions for quantitative data are compared with re- spect to similarities and differences in center, variability (spread), and shape.

Part 1 Reading the Syllabus
For your Kinesiology class, the instructor is using the following grading scheme:
Homework 25%, Midterm Exam 20%, Project 15%, Attendance 5% , Final Exam 35%
1.1. If there are 10 Homework assignments over the course of the semester, what percentage does each Homework assignment contribute to your final grade? (Assume all homework assignments have the same number of points.)
1.2. If you raise your Midterm Exam grade by 8 points (out of 100) doing test corrections, how much will that raise your final grade?
1.3. The instructor gives the class an extra credit assignment which will allow you to raise your Midterm grade by 8 points (out of 100) or raise your Final Exam grade by 10 points (out of 200). Which choice will improve your final grade the most? Make sure to give an explanation that tells me how you made the choice.
1.4. Going into the Final Exam, you are hoping to get an A- in the course, which requires getting an overall 90% without rounding; having a grade of 89.9 wont be enough. If you have attended every class, averaged an 93% on the Homework, scored an 85% on the Midterm, and a 94% on the Project, what is the minimum score (out of 100) you need on the Final Exam to get an A- in the course?
Stretch Goal. You scored a 96% on the Final Exam, congratulations! Is there a reasonable way to change the weights of the different grades in the course such that your overall grade would be a 96% (given your scores on other portions from 1.4), giving you a chance at an A+?