Managerial Economics

For your final assignment, lets consider the key topics learned in our class, including:

Optimal Decisions Using Marginal Analysis
Estimating and Forecasting Demand
Monopolistic Competition and Oligopoly.
Game Theory and Competitive Strategy
Decision Making under Uncertainty
Bargaining and Negotiation
Linear Programming
Please select one of the key topics listed, and address the following items:

(a) Provide a detailed description of the topic.

(b) Provide two examples of how the selected concept is applied.

(c) Discuss the challenges faced with the concept selected. As part of this discussion, how will the selected item be implemented in an organization and its significance?

(d) Discuss how the selected concept will change 5 years from now. What can the organizational leaders, financial analysts do today to ensure they are prepared for these advancements?

(e) Provide a graph chart or data with sample numbers indicating the topic you selected?


The paper must be in Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, and APA formatted.

(a) Please include a title page, introduction, and conclusion.

(b) Please ensure that at least FIVE credible references are used, and make sure to cite them.

(c) Word count is between 1,250-and-1,500-words.