As we outlined in Module 7 all of your previous work serves as the scaffold on which this final research paper is constructed. The sequence of activities for creating your final paper that we recommended you complete last week is repeated here. Be prepared to edit rearrange and rewrite your paper multiple times. The final integrated paper will probably be 4500-6000 words. Note that it is due on Wednesday (11:59 PM ET). This will enable your instructor to prepare your final paper for use in both final course grading and competency scoring within the window provided by the College.
Instructions: Begin by organizing your work in the order of the scaffolded assignments: Research Proposal Literature Review Diversity Perspectives and Ethical Perspectives. Add to those your notes used in your oral presentation as well as the feedback and suggestions provided by faculty and classmates. Make sure you have APA citation information for all the additional scholarly sources youve gathered since your initial Literature Review.
Create a new document to use as the draft for your final paper. You cannot use the work you submitted earlier for review nor can you simply insert minor changes to the original papers. Each section must be thoroughly revised and rewritten to incorporate the feedback provided as well as additional scholarly sources necessary to fully support your thesis.
Begin your document by drafting a working thesis for your final paper.Your Research Proposal should be helpful here. Be prepared to edit after youve completed all sections of the final paper. Leave the introduction section blank for now.
The result of these steps should be a very rough draft of your final paper. As you further revise and refine it keep in mind this basic framework that your final submission should follow:

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