This is an Oral Presentation I have to give. I need you to write it and I will do the oral part myself. 8 minutes
Last week you posted your Oral Presentation of Capstone Research (Scaffold Step #6) to the discussion board to solicit classmates critical reviews and peer feedback. This week you will use that feedback to improve your presentation before submitting the completed presentation to your instructor by the end of the module.
As noted in Module 6 your presentation must:
Your presentation should reflect appropriate critical thinking and senior-level oral and written communication skills. Remember to use internal transitions to help your audience stay on track. As you practiced in the pre-assessment for oral communication orally cite your sources as you use the information.
If your instructor requires a copy of your script it will be submitted via the Journal tool; do not submit speech scripts here.
Honor the time limit please. Learning to speak and write in a concise manner is essential for scholars

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