In Week 4 you began this step in the research scaffold process which extends the examination begun in the Literature Review and continued in the Diversity Perspectives paper. Through the Ethical Perspectives Paper (Scaffold Step #5) you analyze and synthesize the research relating to ethical issues affecting individuals and communities. You identify examples of actions practices and policies affecting the vulnerable and disenfranchised groups addressed in your Diversity Perspectives paper and consider the ethical underpinnings likely outcomes and consequences of such actions. Be prepared to examine the issue from multiple perspectives.
Depending on the number of scholarly sources used your Ethical Perspectives paper should be approximately 1500-2000 words and no more than 2500 words. (Word counts exclude title pages headers and reference lists.)
You will identify areas needing further study and substantiate that position by well-reasoned evidence drawn from the scholarly research. Remember you are not to propose solutions at this point!
Sound complicated? Remember youre building on the solid foundation you developed in the Literature Review and extending the examination begun in your Diversity Perspectives paper. If youre having difficulty understanding what we mean by ethical underpinnings you will find it helpful to review theEthics Resources file. [PDF file size 26 KB]
Compose your work using a word processor (or other software as appropriate) and save it frequently to your computer. Do not include the actual instructions in your submission. (Including the instructions will cause inaccuracies in your Turnitin report). Create a title page for your document with your name date course information and Scaffold Step #5 clearly noted. Proofread carefully and correct any spelling or grammatical errors

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