Keynesian view of the economy

Please complete this checklist and staple it to each paper you submit for this course.
___ I have addressed all parts of the critical macroeconomic topic of my choice -and how it relates to a major macroeconomic event, past or present-consisting of at least 5 fully typewritten pages plus a bibliography or works cited page.

____I have shown claims against my argument and in favor of my argument-

____ The essay will have an introduction that introduces its purpose through a clearly stated thesis statement.

____The body of the essay provides supporting detail to support my claims.

-___ The bibliography would cite at least 4 sources.

___ My thesis would be clear and unambiguous to any reader and stated at the introduction.

___ My paragraphs are organized logically and help advance my argument and I have used transitional devices.

___ I use a variety of evidence (for example, quotes, examples, facts, illustrations) to reinforce my argument(s).

___ My conclusion summarizes my argument /thesis statement and explores its implications; it does not simply restate the topic paragraph.

___ My name is at the top of the paper.

___ The paper is stapled.

___ The paper is double-spaced, using 12 arial style, 12-sized font.

___ All my sources are in my bibliography, which is properly formatted in MLA style.

Follow these instructions
Remember to use 4 sources