Introduction to Research

Topic: Introduction to Research
Brainstorm an organizational problem, some ways to research the problem and some ways to research to determine how to solve the problem. Think about what steps would you take to conduct the research? Conceive what tools, techniques, or methods you would use.  As you think of this problem, it is vital to understand the various philosophies and paradigms involved in research as explained in Chapter 2 of the Robson textbook.  For this discussion board, compare and contrast the differences of positivism, post-positivism, constructivism, and pragmatism in the context of the research problem you identified.  Evaluate how each of these views compare to Christians one truth worldview.

Creswell & Poth: chapter 1 (pp. 114), chapter 2 (pp. 1540)
Merida et al.: Kingship, Solomons Wisdom
Robson: chapter 1 (p. 1-13), chapter 2 (p. 14-42), Part II (p. 43-44), chapter 10 (p. 205-240)
Bible Readings:
1 Kings 1:1 – 5:18
Discussion Assignment Instructions
Discussion boards are collaborative learning experiences. Therefore, the student is required to create a thread in response to the prompt provided for each forum. Each thread must be 2 pages and demonstrate course-related knowledge, including at least 2 peer-reviewed source citations in current APA format, the text, and the integration of 1 biblical principle as outlined in the Discussion Board rubric.