Internet Resources

This exercise is intended to help RC students (and future managers) develop a better understanding of the unique value of the Internet and hence gain an appreciation for the vast healthcare and management related resources available. However, despite the rapid growth of healthcare related websites, one must use caution in determining the validity, accuracy and reliability of the information obtained. Please review three (3) Internet sites of value to you as a healthcare manager(AARC and NBRC and CDC), RC supervisor or if applicable, clinician. Construct your reviews using the headings described in the attached document and in the course syllabus. Each website review can earn up to 15 points with a maximum possible point total of 45 points. This assignment must be posted to both the discussions section of the course under the appropriate heading and this assignment tab.

Criteria: Please use this template format for each review submitted (15-points per review submitted)
1. Specify the URL or address to the Web Site(s) or Web Page(s). Example:

1. Summary of the Internet resource content: (500-750 words-guide only). What are the key points made? Who is the intended audience?  Is the information validated? Is the content free from conflicts of interest or bias?

1.    Provide a meaningful and detailed description of how this information may be of value to you as a healthcare manager/supervisor or healthcare consumer. Is the information presented consistent with other references/sites? What suggestions might you make to improve the site? (750-1,000 words-guide only).

*Please note that the word-count guidelines are only a suggested range that would be required to adequately address the information required in a critical thinking course. Your writing should be clear, concise, well-referenced and relevant (on-topic).