Infant/toddler lesson plan

Please read all the reading materials and complete the assignment . Follow these instructions precisely. 1.The Bredekamp textbook must be cited specifically and appropriately and where requested. A minimum of 4 citations with respect to the rationales is included.  
2. Each of the 3 cultural connection strategies are linked with both the theme of the weekly plan as well as the textbook. The strategies point to an overall cohesive approach rather than a token approach.  
3. Each of the 3 parent involvement strategies and the parent letter are linked with both the theme of the weekly plan as well as the textbook reading. Thought is given to addressing at least 3 levels of parent involvement and makes room for several family situations.4. Each element of the plan is developmentally appropriate for infants/toddlers as deemed by NYS Early Learning Standards. There is an opportunity for children in a range of developmental levels in all activities. Open-ended activities, play and exploration are abundant.5. The study area chosen is appropriate for infants/toddlers. Each activity plan element has been completed and is integrated into the study area.
 You are asked to choose a theme/study area for children 1-2.6 years of age! Think about  how you might create goals, set up your environment and integrate different areas of development and subject areas in a developmentally appropriate way. This Infant/Toddler assignment consists of three parts: Weekly planning sheet (template attached) which you will include all your ideas for your weekly theme/study areaA strategies sheet for creating effect partnerships with parents and culturally responsive learning goals (template attached)Letter to parents introducing the theme/area of study (template attached)