immigration history

Read the attached article and answer the questions below. It, not an essay just follow the instructions for each question.

1.  This is a primary source, a memoir about the childhood of Kazuko Itoi from 1925-1942.  She was born and grew up in Seattle, Washington.

Please write a paragraph about the following:

    What did being both Japanese and American mean for Kazuko Itoi and how did this change over time?
    Why did her parents want her to attend two different schools?
    Compare her educational experience and neighborhood with those of Ernesto Galarza.
    Please use details and examples in your answer.

2. Please write a paragraph about the following.  Please include at least one quote in your answer, and give the page number. 

    What can we learn from Itoi about the tensions between the first generation (Issei) and their children, the second generation Nisei?
    Do you think these generational differences are common, or even universal for immigrants and migrants?  For non-migrants?
    Explain your thinking on this issue. 

3. Please write a paragraph about the following. 

    How did Pearl Harbor and the beginning of World War II change the lives of the Itoi family?
    How did they feel about being forced to leave their home and move to internment camps?
    What was life in the camps like?  Give examples and details.

4.  Please write a paragraph about the following?

    What else did you learn from this primary source?  Explain.
    Do you notice any similarities or differences between the Japanese American experience depicted here, and the histories of any other people we have studied?  Explain.