Extra Credit Special ProjectPaper Assignment
The Folger Shakespeare Library (aka Folger Institute aka Folger Theater) is located on Capitol Hill Washington DC near the Capitol and Library of Congress. You would never know from looking at it that this simple neoclassical building houses one of the world’s great collections of Shakespeare related research material. There is also an exhibition hall and the Folger Theater preforms some of Shakespeare’s–naturally–plays each year. Photo creditNigel Beale.
Since all students should enjoy their enrollment in this history course and at the same time earn the best possible grade each student may do oneof theHIS 101 Special Projectslistedfor extra credit. Each project should be about two pages (maybe longer) in length. In addition your project must include complete bibliographic citation at the top left of the page (if necessary) with your name and date. Some projects have different requirements.
Book review(50 points). Write a review of the book. Do not just summarize the book’s contents but also examine its strengths and weaknesses and place the book in its proper historical context. You can suggest a different book.

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