due on 6/22
Identify and explain some of the key features/characteristics of European feudalism in the Middle Ages.
Here are some of the questions that you should consider as part of your assignment but it is not required that you specifically answer these; it is most important that you really focus on the above assignment question.
As you read feudal documents you will come across some terms that you are probably unfamiliar with. As a historian that happens all the time and that is why we have dictionaries encyclopedias and other reference materials. You will find these three websites helpful for your work on this assignment.
As you study feudal sources you might be surprised at how orderly medieval life was structured. There were clear legal and social obligations for all elements of the population. Here are two features that you might come across in feudal documents:
a three-page paper (no longer than that) complete with footnotes (100 points). You will not need images but you will need citations of quoted evidence. You do not need a works cited page. You should use as many sources as you can in the paper which should:

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