You have been hearing all semester that “Literature changes the world.” This assignment will let you take some time to consider a problem, and look for a solution that everyone could participate in, and embrace.

Write a short article discussing a problem in society that you are concerned about.. 

* It should be approximately a page and a half, maximum of 2 pages, double spaced, 12pt font size.

*It should be uploaded to blackboard in PDF format, nothing else will be accepted.

*You are to state the problem, break down the solution into smaller steps, and make a case for change. You are welcome to use one of the two examples I give you as an opening statement, or choose your own. Then make your case, then write a CONCLUSION. 

You are welcome to use one of these two opening statements of sample topics:

1. Police brutality has become a major issue in our country, and the relationship between the police and the public needs to change. First let’s decide if our society needs a police force, then we will look at examples and reasons that police cross the line from protection to britality, then let’s make a set of rules for both the police and the public to follow, then let’s look at ways to permanently filter out those who are not right for the job of law enforcement.

2. Climate change is a major issue worldwide. Historically we know that climate on earth has always been changing, but we also know that for humans to survive, we must try to find solutions to keep the climate in a range that we can endure. We know this is a world problem and everyone must do their part, but are there some resources that some countries can contribute that will help this problem? Also, what scientific solutions and concepts are available to help with this problem? And finally, what can each individual on earth do to help with this problem. Each answer to these questions will help this issue in a big way, and will contribute to our final solution.

Other possible topics…

* Student loan forgiveness

* Racism

* Immagration

* LGBTQ issues