Human Rights Cinema Review

Write a human rights cinema review selecting three films we have studied in weeks six nine of this semester. That includes: A Girl in the River (Sharmeen Chinoy-Obaid 2015); Article 370 (Baloch 2020); He Named me Malala ( Guggenheim, 2015); The Rising Silence (Gazi, 2019).
Your assignment is to argue why these three films are representative of the genre of human rights, which debates and/or knowledges they animate, and how effectively. (By association, What kinds of debates/knowledges are left out and how does that shape your response?). You may want to think about why you selected these three films what threads them together? You are writing the review as a film critic and therefore consider strengths and weaknesses, and take away insights of the films.
Feel free to draw from course readings to bolster your argument, use as evidence to support your argument.
Here are some tips to writing a film review from the New York Film Academy:

12 pt. font, 1 inch margins

I was unable to get full versions so please try your best with the review links.
please do not reference or mention the summary link in the paper.