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Literature Review Paper
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Due Apr 18 by 11:59pm  Points 40  Submitting a file upload (Turnitin enabled)
A literature review is a scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge (ie research) as well as theoretical and methodological contributions to a particular topic. Literature reviews are secondary sources, and do not report new or original experimental work. They provide an overview of the EXISTING research about a certain topic.

This paper has two main purposes:
1) an in-depth exploration of a topic of your interest that relates to this class: reading and reporting on scholarly sources (i.e. paper content)
2) practicing the formatting of an APA 6th style Literature Review (i.e. grammar & formatting)

Choosing a topic: Students should choose a topic related to human development and utilize at least one theory that was covered in class to analyze that topic.  Past paper titles and topics include: Identity Development of Transracial Adoptees, Definition of Adolescence in Different Parts of the World, Marriage Rituals Across the Globe, approaches to criminals in different countries, domestic violence responses in various cultures.

– There is an Auraria Library link at the left that will take you to their search engine, where you can search for the scholarly journal articles you will use to inform this paper.
– The Purdue Owl website (Links to an external site.) is a great resource for APA 6th style. Be sure to visit these pages: General Format, In-Text Citations: The Basics, Author/Authors, Reference List: Basic Rules, Author/Authors, Articles in Periodicals, Books, Electronic Sources, APA Headings and Seriation, and APA Sample Paper. Paper template example  download


This paper should be at least 6 pages of written content, i.e. at least 8 pages long with the title/references included.
If, when properly formatted, your page count falls short, you will lose 1 point per page missing.

PAPER CONTENT (25 points total):
Make sure to use APA style headings to label the sections.

*Title Page (page 1, points fall under formatting)

See the Purdue OWL website’s ‘general format’ and ‘sample APA paper’ for examples.
[This paper assignment does NOT include an Abstract, and an Abstract will NOT count toward your page count]

*Introduction (about 1 page, 4 points)

Students must introduce their topic (2 points) and describe what will be covered in the paper (2 points).
This section should begin at the very top of page 2.
The heading should be your paper title centered and not bold.
All statements with information from the literature should have APA in-text citation.
*Theory (about 1 page, 2 points)

Students must describe at least 1 theory that was covered in class (1 point) and explain how the theory relates to their paper topic (1 point).
This section should start immediately after the introduction, and it should include in-text citations of your textbook and course material.
*Literature Review (3-4 pages, 15 points)

The literature review is a report of information that has been suggested by scholarly research (i.e. leave out statements of opinion). This section must include information from at least 10 scholarly references. Use the Auraria Library link on the left side of this page to search for scholarly journal articles (‘articles only’ filter). Scholarly books are also acceptable, though not recommended because it may be more time consuming to obtain and read them.
To be clear, popular press, media, textbook, and webpage sources will not be acceptable for this section of the assignment i.e. will not earn any points.
Every sentence should be informative and should include APA citation of what source(s) the information came from.
You will earn 1.5 points per scholarly source.
(.5) source is cited both in the paper and in the references section, and cited well enough that I am able to locate it and determine its validity
(.5) source information is  paraphrase, no quotations! Turn It In will be enabled to detect plagiarism
(.5) the information presented from the source is relevant and helps develop a clear sense of learning about your topic
*Experience Section (less than 2 pages, optional)

Students can incorporate personal and/or professional experiences to support their paper topic. This is the only section in which you may refer to yourself.
*Conclusion (about 1 page, 4 points)

The conclusion should summarize the paper (2) and illustrate the impact of the topic (2).
All statements with information from the literature should have APA in-text citation.

GRAMMAR & FORMATTING (15 points total):

*Grammar (5 points)

Table includes rubric of paper
5 points    4 points    3 points    2 points    1 point    0 points
10 or less mistakes in grammar    11-20 mistakes    21-30 mistakes    31-40 mistakes    More than 40 mistakes in grammar    Not one sentence is grammatically correct
*Use of APA 6th Style Formatting (10 points)

1 point each:
Times New Roman size 12 throughout with body paragraphs left-aligned
Double Spaced throughout with no extra spacing between paragraphs/sections
title page has title, student’s name, and University of Colorado Denver (no missing or additional information), & is double spaced & centered
headings and seriation in the body of the paper are appropriately formatted (bold or not; centered or left aligned; proper capitalization)
first page header (running head) is properly formatted
second-page-onward page header is properly formatted
2 points each:
every sentence that contains information from a source or sources includes in-text citation & paper includes little to no filler/opinion statements
2 points (few to no sentences are missing proper in-text citation)
1 point (more than half of the paper is missing citation or incorrectly cited)
0 points (very few sentences have in-text citation)
Note: Every sentence with information from your sources needs a citation, even if the source has already been cited in the same paragraph. This will sometimes feel repetitive.
‘References’ is centered and not bold, the rest of the References section is in hanging indent, and each reference is appropriately formatted
2 points (5 or less formatting mistakes)
1 point (6-10 formatting mistakes)
0 points (more than 10 formatting mistakes)