How Climate Change Policies in the United States Could Reduce the Impact of CO2 Emissions in the Atmosphere

write a research paper on how climate change policies in the USA could reduce the CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Add figures in to correlate. 

Climate change USA policies implemented to help decrease future CO2 emissions
Based on current US policies what does the future look like with CO2 emissions from the usa?

What are the current policies in place, use specific details and what are the goals of these policies(specifically to reduce emissions X amount) and what do these numbers and policies mean for the future of CO2 emissions

are there any Policies in the works for further decreases in CO2 emissions? What do these policies aim for?

How local states and cities are trying to help
a. How are states and cities doing their part
b. specifically add in states and cities with extra policies, what are they and how are they helping?

5. Conclusions why are climate change policies important
a. Why should we care?
b. Based on rates currently what will happen
c. Based on projected rates what will happen
d. How can individuals/cities/states help in the aid to fight the rate of climate change

**use specific data and numbers, charts and figures, use 6 sources**