Assignment #2: Historical Figures 

(SPS 08.14)


Description: This project is designed to help you better understand the history of Early Childhood Education. Many important historical people will be discussed in class. Select ONE of them from the following: Johann Pestalozzi, Friedrich Froebel, Robert Owen, John Dewey, Maria Montessori, Loris Malaguzzi, and Lucy Sprague Mitchell. The person you select is to be used as the focus of your research and presentation.

Directions: Research your selected historical figure summarizing the significance of that person in the field of Early Childhood Education. 

The document will include:

Historical period (time and place) in which s/he lived and the view of the child (how children learn, a childrens place, childrens roles, behavioral expectations) in this time frame (S6d)

Description of how his/her views of the child where different from the status quo and his/her theories concerning children and learning (S6d)

Detailed description of the many ways this theorist contributed to the progression of Early Childhood Education.