Home Numeracy Experiences and Childrens Math Performance in the Early School Years

1. Summary of the article:  1-1.5 pages 
The CAPS portion of your running head should also appear on the first page of your paper, but it will NOT include the phrase Running head  from this page forward. Please include a heading that says Summary in bold.
Summarize the journal article that you have selected to read. In your summary, you should include (1) the research question: what question was posed by the researchers, (2) the type of research: is it correlational or experimental?  (3) participants: provide a brief description of the participants (how many, what age, where were they recruited from), (4)  method: how was data collected (in-person, online, etc.), what assessments were given, summary of the procedure, (5) findings:  What were the results? What did the authors find?
2. References: 1 page 
Provide the reference for this article in proper APA format.
Author, A. A., Author, B. B., & Author, C. C. (date). Title of article. Title of the Periodical or Journal, volume#(issue#), ppp-ppp. DOI: