For this first unit assessment, you will work with a text from Ashers book Vineyards Tales (Asher, Gerald (1996). Vineyard Tales. San Francisco: Chronicle Books) Haut-Brion, a very famous chateau in Bordeaux wine region. Read the text and answer the following questions in detail in two short essays. Answer to Question 1 should have a minimum of 300 words; answer to Question 2 should have a minimum of 200 words. You do not need to consult sources outside of the course space to answer these questions.

Explain how the Haut-Brion estate exemplifies the Bordeaux wine region. Consider aspects such as history, wine-making and classification.
From this reading and other material presented in the course so far, what are two values that seem to emerge as important ones to French people? Be sure to support your arguments with specific information.
Grading Rubric:


Question 1 is answered fully, addressing all relevant aspects from the reading      10 points
Question 2 presents compelling explanations                                                              8 points

Essay is well organized and follows the writing conventions for academic papers  2 points