Hero’s Cycle Project

This is a visual project, not an essay, so entire paragraphs are inappropriate for the medium

Complete the hero’s cycle worksheet.

Option 1 Infographic (one poster/infographic with visuals, text, shape, color, and clean layout; created using  or infographic tool like Piktochart.

Option 2 Prezi (Links to an external site.) or Presentation (10+ slides using visuals, images, text, color, shapes, links, and clean layout; created with, Prezi, PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.

You must use a combination of screenshots/images from your chosen film,  and other supporting images, icons, text, color, or shapes. Text should be kept at a minimum on each slide or each part of the infographic. It is better to create a longer slideshow or larger infographic than to present paragraphs of text on a visual. A visual is not a paper.