Health Physical exercise

For this extra credit, what topic area has caught your interest? Select a fitness/health trend, myth, and/or fad and determine: Fact or Fiction? Identify one source of media that has promoted this trend/myth/fad and provide a link to it at the top of your paper, directly below your name. Then, using the research skills developed in your recitation, write a minimum 1 page paper (Single Spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) answering that question for your topic area: Fact or Fiction? You must include a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed journal articles (from a source like pubmed or google scholar) to support your claim. You may also use organizational websites to collect information (.orgs NOT .coms). You must properly utilize in-text citations and include a reference page. The reference page does not count towards the 1 page minimum.