Health Care

Case: As a health professional at MoH during the influenza outbreak, you have been asked to educate the community about the outbreak as well as means for preventing the flu.
Your Role: As Country Health Department Expert.
Discussion post: Respond to each of the questions supporting with scholarly resources and citations – APA 7th referencing.
1.    Define and support your target audience, and be sure to specify if there will be more than one targeted audience
2.    Define the specific message you will relay to your audience(s)
3.    Explain how, specifically, you will convey this message to your audience(s), including actions to be undertaken and personnel involved
4.    Discuss at least two ways that you could use social media as a means for reaching your audience(s)
5.    Describe at least one specific action that can impact the incidence rates (number of new cases) and at least one specific action that can impact the prevalence rates (number of existing cases) of your health concern. Be very clear as to whether these actions are to be taken by individuals, public health professionals, health education professionals, or others?
6.    Describe how teams with multiple types of personnel can work together to take action on this health issue, supporting your ideas with at least two best practices in teamwork.