Google case

Please read the google case that I attached and answer all the questions below.
1. Why was Google rebranded as Alphabet?

2. Apply the new-product continuum (Figure 10-4) to Googles Moonshot Factory. Which category of products and services is most evident in that organizations work?

3. Assess the prospects for driverless cars. Once the technology is perfected, which obstacles will Waymo have to overcome before autonomous mobility becomes widely adopted?

4. One goal for Alphabets X division is to create a new money-making business that rivals Google in size and profitability but does not involve search functions. What do you think that will be?

5. Briefly describe the various combinations of product-communication strategies available to global marketers. When is it appropriate to use each?

6. Assess the U.S. market potential for the electric vehicles such as the Tesla Model 3. Do you think the car will achieve mass-market success? Why or why not?