Future Autobiography

I am currently 26 years old I want you to write as if I am 66 years old and telling my story and what I have done in life in the past 40 years. Mention the below points: 1- i became a professor at the university 2- cured my mental illness which is bipolar type 2 which was affecting my career and relationships 3- this is a storytelling paper write “I was living,, i was working” 4- give hints about my career direction. I graduated in marketing.. i worked in an advertising agency then moved to Riyadh to work in one of the biggest banks in Saudi in employer branding then shited my career to talent management cuz I thought it will help me achieve my dream in being a professor in a university and in designing curriculum and to manage students. 5- please improvise for some missing points as I will edit it later for the real info 6- please mention that I had 4 kids and I am about to be a grandma. 7- mention that my husband supported me to buy my own house 8- strong relationships with my friends and family