Final Take-Home Test

Answer the 3 questions below. Each answer should be 1 page per question, double spaced, 12-point font. Please include a separate title page with your name, student ID, course, instructor and date. Also, list any references you use in APA format on a separate page at the end. Use the course material to inform your answers.

1.Commercial leisure setting

a.A new publicly funded and operated multi-purpose recreation complex complete with a pool, arena, and gymnasium is being built in a small town of 20,000 people. The complex is also proposed to have a state-of-the-art fitness centre that will provide competition for the local Goodlife (commercial) only a few kms away, as well as for another small privately owned fitness centre (commercial) in another community 20 minutes away. 
i.When is a commercial operator more suited to offer a leisure service? 1.5 pts
ii.When is it more suitable for public (government) to offer a leisure service?  1.5 pts
iii.In the case above, should the government fund and operate the fitness centre that directly competes with the other two? Explain your answer. 2 pts

2.Volunteers: the heart of the community.
Canadian statistics show that most volunteering is now episodic, meaning many volunteers prefer volunteering a handful of times a year versus making long-term commitments.
a.What factors contribute to this trend? 1 pts
b.How can non-profit boards organizations recruit and retain volunteers for longer-term commitments? 2 pts
c.What incentives could a government, if any, provide to increase volunteer participation? 2 pts
d.How could non-profits partner with local businesses to increase their volunteers? 1 pt

The Town of Shelburne developed an inclusion policy specifically aimed at increasing quality leisure and recreation experiences for persons with disabilities.
Describe the value of developing an inclusion policy. 2 pts
Provide an overview of the prevalence/existence of municipal inclusion policies in Nova Scotia. 2 pts
Describe why a Town (municipal government) is well-situated to create and implement such a policy. 1 pt
Identify how you would involve the target population in the creation of the policy.  1 pt