Final Case Study Paper – Innovation and the Inoformation Economy

This is a final case study paper for my communication management course. The course is divided into 4 parts: 1. The history of Innovation 2. Theories of innovation 3. The information economy 4. Innovation in practice .

Basically, this paper will be a rewritten, editted, and expanded version of one of my previous case study papers that I have handed in, which is attached below (Case Paer 2). The paper must be at least 15 pages long, but no more than 20 pages. It is permissible to reuse my previous paper in its entirety as a foundation for the final paper, but it must be changed, edited and/or rewritten to reflect the feedback I have received from the instructor when it was graded. The final paper should encompass as much as possible from the entire course. In other words, you can approach writing the long paper as taking one of the shorter ones and applying the insights from class that were not used the first time around.

Please check ou the “Final Case Study Paper Instrcutions” for more details.