Ethical dilemma’s

My topic is Jordan Belford 1999 money laundering case. teachers instructions below.

Each student will be required to write a research paper on an ethical dilemma. The purpose of the research paper is to engage students in ethical issues pertinent to business and the accounting profession. You may choose the topic you wish to write about however please refrain from using Enron or WorldCom or any other discussed in the syllabus as these cases are already widely discussed today. You will need to get approval from the Professor on your choice of topic. The paper should discuss the ethical dilemma, the effect and consequences of the ethical act and the outcome of the case. You must use at least two of the ethical theories discussed in class to explain the reason and circumstances the individuals involved were able to commit the unethical acts that took place. In addition you should provide recommendations on how to reduce the likelihood of the unethical scenarios occurring in the future. Graduate students enrolled in ACCT 530 will prepare a 10-15 page paper (does not include references). The document should use a font size of 12 and one-inch margins and be double spaced.

Students are expected to use electronic means such as databases and journal articles to research their relevant topic. Several theories will also be explained throughout the semester so students are expected to use these theories to support their reasoning and arguments related to the ethical dilemma being researched. The paper must demonstrate a mastery of the basic writing mechanics, be free of grammatical errors and supported by proper references. Please follow APA guidelines when writing the research paper. Wikipedia and Investopedia are not proper academic sources, therefore academic research articles should be your main source of research support. All papers will be submitted through Turnitin in eCollege via the drop box. Papers in excess of 15% of originality will not be accepted.