Essay Assignment: Interpretive Analysisof Pulp Fiction(1994)

interpretive Analysis of Pulp Fiction(1994)

How does Quentin Tarantinos Pulp Fiction(1994)deploy alternative plot and stylistic structures to reconfigure the elements of classical Hollywood narrative and its visual style?

1. CONTENT:In  order to  identify and  analyze  the  ways  in  which Pulp Fictionbreaks  the  rules  of classical Hollywood narrative and style you may first want to explain what the classical conventions are and what they aim to achieve. For example, the classical Hollywood narrative  has  a  clear  set-up,  conflict,and  resolution,  which  allow  audiences  to  get absorbed  in  the  story  as  they  identify  with  the  main  character  and  forget  they  are watching a movie. Pulp Fiction, however, deploys alternative plot structures to organizeits  narrative.  Indeed,  the  movie reorganizes  its  narrative  into  an  episodic  one,  with multiple narrative threads and charactersdemandinga different engagement from the audience. Instead  of  getting  fully  immersed  in  the  films  world,  this  kind  of  active engagement tends to make the audience aware that they are watching a film and think about its narrative and visual stylesas well as their effects.In your essay you will therefore want to address Pulp Fictions narrative and visual styles as well as account for their effects. That is, you will identifyand analyzethe narrative and  stylistic  elements  and  then interprettheir  effects  on  the  ways  in  which  the audiences experience and make sense of the film.Please, ground your interpretive analysis in concrete shots, scenes or sequences from the film. That is, give a detailed description of the visuals you are analyzing.
2. ORGANIZATION:Please, have a clearly discernible thesismain claimwhich needs to be underlined. A good thesis can be longer than one sentence. It needs to address WHAT is your argument, HOW are you going to go about proving it (what evidence you are going to use), and WHY is this important for the reader to know (it answers the So what? question).In  order  to  ensure  your  essay  is cohesiveplease,  clearly  develop  your  argument throughout  your  essay.  This  means  that  every  paragraph  (or  two)  addresses  one example (= concrete evidence from the movie that illustrates your argument) while both explaining and adding to your argument.3. FORMATTING: double-spaced, and typed in 12-pt font (Arial or Times New Roman), with one-inch margins. Please, insert page numbers at the bottom of your page. Please,  make  sure  you citeyour  sources  in  footnotes  (or  endnotes).  You  may  use  any citation format you are comfortable with but please, be consistent. You may also want to include a Bibliography (= Works Cited) at the end of your essay.

If You can use the file that I send to continue to finish this  that will be great. however, you can begin a new essay  if that not a good beginning for you