Section 2 of Paper:
Target Population & Implementation Issues.
This section focuses on the beneficiaries of the policy and their experiences with its implementation.
1.  Target Population (Not more than 1 doubled-spaced page)a.  Who is the target population of this policy?
What are the eligibility criteria?
Based on the literature, how has the policy benefited or not benefited the target population?
Provide evidence to support these claims e.g. How many people are currently served or not served by policy?
Does the literature and/or society promote stereotypes against this population? If so, what kind of stereotypes?
2.  Implementation (Not more than 1 doubled-spaced page) 
Is the policy implemented today as it was initially planned at its inception?
Discuss any facilitators or barriers to implementation.
What changes, if any, has it undergone over the years?
Are currently any further changes proposed? By whom? (answer this only if you can locate such information)

Section 3 of Paper:
Policy Strengths & Limitations
1.  Policy Strengths (Not more than 1 doubled-spaced page)a.  What are the strengths of the policy?
How does this policy help the target population, is it an empowering policy?
Has policy responded effectively to the social problem that it is designed to address?
Any benefits to the general public?
2.  Policy Limitations (Not more than 1 double-spaced page) a.  What are the limitations of this policy?
Does it have any unintended consequences?