Environmental Studies-one lecture and quiz

Lecture is available here:http://www.3cmediasolutions.org/playlists/646
Then go to lecture #8
Subtitles for this lecture:
Quiz #8 Questions: The American Dust Bowl
1.Pick one of the images in the lecture 8 power point that impacted you the most. Write page describing it why it had the impact that it did was it the way the image was set up compositionally or just the content.
2.List and describe theman-made factorsas well as thenatural factorsthat created the Dust Bowl.
3. Which of the programs that were part of the New Deal could we use today List them and explain why.
4 Compare and contrast the work of Dorothea Lange and Alexander Hogue their subject matter medium as well as their differing philosophy about who was to blame for depicting the dust bowl and their differing goals for depicting this crisis.
5.What lessons can we take from this experience what should we be doing differently? Give specific examples.

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