English lit

Write an argumentative analytical essay focusing on three elements of fiction at work in a story from one of the four story choices.

Toni Cade Bambara The Lesson (pp. 248-254)

Louise Erdrich Love Medicine (pp. 279-295)

William Faulkner A Rose for Emily (pp. 295-302)

John Updike A & P (pp. 382-387)

Your thesis should be creative, critical, and relatable to some aspect of the human condition.

Page length: no less than three and no more than six double-spaced pages in a 12-point font.

The text of your investigation should have at least two correctly presented supportive citations (quotes) per paragraph with lead-in sentences and explanations relating them to your thesis, or primary argument.

Your entire essay should be presented in standard college-level rhetorical format (more to come on this requirement).  A clear Signal Phrase (sentence introducing story title and author name).

A correct Work Cited entry of your story from our anthology should come at the end of your essay.

An interesting and appropriate title should head your essay, and the entire essay should be presented correctly in current Modern Language Association (MLA) format.