ENG 120 2

1. Full Title: Blessed Complexities Cursed Confusions: Identity Conflicts of Multilingual Persons
Author(s): OHerin Julie
Publication Date: April 14 2007
Publication Type (journal report etc.): Non-Journal
Publisher (journal name or publishing organization): California Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Number of pages: 9
Is it peer reviewed? No its not.
Is it available in full text? Yes it is.
Key Words/Descriptors (provide a minimum of three): Bilingualism Language Usage and Teaching Methods.
The link to the full text of the article: https://eric.ed.gov/?q=benefits+of+multilingualism&ft=on&ff1=subMultilingualism&id=ED526429
First paragraph: Brief summary of the articleSecond paragraph: Critique and analysis of the article
Third paragraph: Implication of the paragraph/relevance to your topic
Need to read this article from the Internet and write one-two pages which includes 3 paragraphs.

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