Prepare a webpage where 2-3 salient features from Freires Pedagogy of the Oppressed are highlighted that advocate for these features relevance in 21 st century classrooms where multilingual learners are educated.

Potentially incorporate mobile learning (Hall & Connolly, 2019) and  create representations of your understandings of ideas using poetry, digital images, streaming, graphics, and mp3 files (Brookfield, 2017, p. 175) and personal responses, photo essays, illustrations, tweets, and video responses (Carter Andrews, Brown, Castillo, Jackson, & Vallanki, 2019), among other ways and means to sharing understandings and knowledge. Also consider possibility of using Perusall discussions and copying and pasting exchanges and interactions.

Assignment: What I need is you to focus on “reflection & action” in the Pedagogy of the Oppressed. This is my part and my partner is doing a different part. I provided an overview of the assignment above. But please write me 1 page in terms of “reflection & action” from the Pedagogy of the Oppressed.