Dixmoor 5

2 page paper on Dixmoor 5 Case – please adhere to all guidelines!

Components of the Case Study Analysis:
Introduction Introduction + background of the case.  Provide a general description of the case and its history.
Body  (2 ) paragraphs Provide a brief summary of the case. Discuss the various forms of unethical behavior or Ethical Misconduct exhibited by the defense attorneys, prosecutors or judges in the case.

Analysis (2-3) paragraphs – Analyze the case.  Describe some factors that contributed to the wrongful or false conviction. Discuss if racism or extreme racial prejudice was a prevalent factor in the case. Describe how minorities are overrepresented in wrongful convictions. As a student scholar at Miles College, discuss what you would propose to improve the justice system and decrease ethical misconduct of people wrongfully convicted.
Conclusion – List realistic and feasible solutions to the problems in the case you outlined, in the order of importance.  Support your choice with reliable evidence (i.e., textbook readings, other external research).