Discussion board

Our textbook informs us that we make arguments and encounter arguments throughout our daily lives. We are beginning our semester by analyzing visual arguments, arguments that use photographs or art to persuade an audience about an idea.

Gifs and memes are great examples of visual arguments that we see every day on social media. 

One of the many reasons that I personally love gifs and memes are because they can be used to get to know each other and show people how we are feeling. In the midst of the stresses in our lives, (school, work, family, COVID, finances, mental health struggles and on and on), memes and gifs bring us humor and connect us to one another. They help us know that we are not alone in our feelings and moods. 

For this discussion post, choose one gif or meme to post to show how you are currently feeling about life. Then, write one paragraph explaining why you picked the image and why you are feeling the way you are.