Think of a job you have had or a group that you belonged to that had a leader you respected. Keep in mind a leader could be anyone from the CEO of the organization, to your immediate supervisor, to a coworker, to a club president. Keep this person and this situation in mind as you answer the following questions.

Leader’s job title?  _Restaurant Manager___________________________________________________

1. What traits did this person demonstrate that made him/her an effective leader?
2. What behaviors did this person exhibit as an effective leader?
3. Using French & Raven’s 5 bases of power, which base(s) of power did this person rely on the most to influence others?
4. Why do you think he/she was an effective leader?

And reply classmate comment:
Leader’s Job Title: Legal Director (Kim)

1. Kim is an effective supervisor and leader because she leads with confidence, is decisive, and is professional. She is also extremely dependable, honest, and knowledgable. These are the traits that make me admire Kim.

2. Kim is hardworking, calm under pressure, and exercises humility. If she is wrong or makes a mistake she will admit to it and will do what is necessary to mend what has happened.

3. I believe Kim relies on expert power, this is because we go to her for her knowledge when we are unsure of how to handle a situation or case. Though she does hold authority, I believe she utilizes her expertise in many areas of law with us that it generates power.

4. She is an effective leader because she has trained my peers and I to do our jobs well. She also fosters an environment of non-judgement, kindness, and one that keeps us honed in on our goals.