Part 1:  Introduction
Who are you?
What do you do in your work life?  Does it have anything to do with healthcare systems?
What are your expectations of this course and of this class (classmates and instructor)?
What do you expect to contribute to this course?  What will you bring to the table?
How much experience do you have in the law? Note: Don’t divulge any confidential information!
How much experience do you have in the healthcare sector?
What are your ultimate professional dreams and aspirations?
This is like that typical interview question, Where do you see yourself in 5 years? …in 10 years?
What are your hobbies and/or interests?
What were your thoughts at the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic and what are they now with regards to its impact on you and/or on business?

Feel free to include any other information.
Part 2:  Fundamental Question:  Should we have a right to healthcare?

This is really a question of law, morality, and ethics.  When we grapple with these three concepts, it leads to interesting discussions.  This is on the front burner again as a social issue in light of the past year of responding to the SARS-Covid-19 pandemic.

I selected Britannica ProCon.org as resource for Part 2 of DB1. https://www.procon.org/
More specifically, I am asking you to focus on the history this topic in the U.S.A. https://healthcare.procon.org/history-of-the-right-to-health-care/

What to do Part 2:

Write a summary of the History of the Right to Healthcare
Name three things that caught your attention and explain why each of them did.
Click on the Pros and Cons Argument square and read through that section of the website.  You will see this at the end of the article on the history piece. 
Again, name three things that caught your attention and explain why for each of your selections.

Note: leave the part when it says who are you blank
Note: I work as a clinical Administrator at healix pathology group