Diet and heath

Health Psychology – “Lifestyle Assessment for Better Health”

Your paper in this class will focus on the assessment of your own lifestyle and recommended changes for better health. This health analysis will cover the major areas covered in this class. You may make use of inventories and tests discovered while reading and studying for this class and any actual medical tests you have had in the past year. The purpose of this is to increase your awareness of your own health lifestyle and ways that it could be improved.  There will be two major components — a focus on general assessment measures (including your personal assessment) along with recommendations for personal lifestyle changes.  In the Assessment section you need to find definitions, assessment tools, questionnaires, and/or guidelines that demonstrate understanding of the concepts. You are to write at least a 1200 word  paper that is worth 15% of your grade.  Please use APA (7th)format and cite at least four (4) sources, in addition to your textbook.
Please ensure that the following topics are covered in your paper:
    Assessment Measures
o    Diet
o    Exercise
o    Job and personal stress management
o    Risk factors for cardiovascular disease
o    Risk factors for cancer, diabetes and other illnesses
o    Family history and social support
o    Self-Esteem, sense of control and other psychological issues
    Personal status and Recommendations For Personal Lifestyle Changes
Assignment Requirements (Use as a checklist):
    Use a 10 or 12 pt Arial or Times New Roman Font
    Double-space paper
    Minimum of 1200 words
    Minimum of four (4) cited sources
    Use APA format and parenthetical citations right after cited material.
Extra pointers:
Thesis statements are at the end of the introduction paragraph and outline the key points that the rest of the paper will cover.  This helps organize your work as you include a separate paragraph for each of the key points from your thesis in the body of your paper.
Item Description    Percent    Grade
Correct definition of concepts    10%   
Statement of main points and thesis in introduction    5%   
Properly indented paragraphs    5%   
Content in introduction    5%   
Content in body    40%   
Content in conclusion    5%   
Balance paragraphs similar in length about 150 words    5%   
Organization followed format (intro, body, conclusion)    5%   
Spelling and grammar    10%   
APA style citations    10%   
Total    100%