Diet and Disease

Question 1. For many years, the primary focus of osteoporosis prevention and management focused on calcium intake; and rightfully so, calcium is the chief mineral of bone mass development. However, in more recent years, our understanding of the role and importance of vitamin D on bone development and maintenance has increased substantially.
Research and discuss the roles, interactions and physiological mechanisms of calcium and vitamin D on the growth, development and maintenance of bone mass through the lifecycle.

Question2.  Colon cancer is a carcinoma that has some nutritional influences that may be more obvious than many other cancers. Proposed nutritional influence includes mechanisms involving fruit, vegetables, legumes, meat, dairy, whole grains and various beverages.
Discussion this or another cancer and the specific nutritional mechanism of influence related to it.

Question 3
Antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, may have considerable efficacy in reducing the deleterious effects of neuronal aging (neurodegeneration). Perhaps, even more interesting is the growing knowledge and understanding of the antioxidant/anti-inflammatory .potential of green tea, curcumin, ginger, berries and polyunsaturated fatty acids .
Research and discuss the potential role and mechanism by which these or other dietary substances may alter neuronal deficits associated with aging.

Answer questions seperately and cite !

Question 3.