Court Case Assessment 7

Reaching a Verdict

Reaching a verdict in a situation like this involves complex processes of reasoning and decision-making. In your discussion with the other jurors, you must decide if the evidence indicates beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant should have anticipated the destructive consequences of his behavior. In other words, did the defendant (Thomas Randall) knowingly encourage an underage woman (Kelly Greene) to drink excessively?

When she left the party, should he have recognized her inebriated condition and made sure that she was not intending to drive home? Should he have been able to anticipate that terrible consequences might result if she tried to drive in her inebriated state? The principle of beyond a reasonable doubt is difficult to define in specific terms, but in general, the principle means that it would not make good sense for thoughtful men and women to conclude otherwise.

Based on your analysis of the evidence and arguments presented in this case, write your verdict, and explain in detail your reasons for reaching this conclusion