Communications Assignment (Group Work)


R. Meredith Belbin claims that groups work best when members know their roles, work to their strengths, and manage their weaknesses. After studying work groups for many years, Belbin identified nine roles that lead to team success. See the table below.

Directions: Review the list of Belbins roles and the brief descriptions of their functions. Belbin claims that three of these roles are essential for effective group performance. Without them, a groupregardless of its goal or membershipwill have difficulty achieving a common goal. Which three roles are, in your opinion, essential for effective group performance.

1. Coordinator/ Chairperson

Clarifies goals; helps allocate roles; promotes decision-making; delegates; takes on responsibilities

2. Shaper Seeks patterns in group work; pushes group toward agreement and decisions; challenges others; has drive and courage

3. Innovator Offers new and creative ideas; provides insights on courses of action; thinks outside the box; solves difficult problems; may disregard details and people

4. Resource Investigator; Explores opportunities; makes contacts, shares information; extroverted and

communicative; negotiates

5. Monitor/Evaluator Analyzes problems and complex issues; monitors progress and prevents mistakes; sees all options; judges accurately

6. Implementer Transforms talk and ideas into practical action; develops actions plans for group members; disciplined and reliable

7. Teamworker Gives personal support and help to other members; socially oriented and sensitive; calms the waters and resolves conflicts

8. Completer/Finisher Emphasizes the needs for meeting agendas, deadlines, and completing tasks; search out errors; conscientious; delivers on time

9. Specialist Single-minded, self-starting, dedicated; provides unique or rare expertise and skills; dwells on technicalities.

Your vote for the three most essential group roles:

1. _____________________________________

2. _____________________________________

3. _____________________________________

Minimum 500 words on why you chose these Three.