Classic Jewish Text

Assigned Reading: Gen 1-2:4; Exod 31:12-17; The Sabbath Amidah for evening, morning and afternoon. b. Berakhot 26b [from It has been stated to in the offerings]).
Secondary Reading: Abraham Joshua Heschel, The Sabbath, pp. 73-76.
Essay #2 (A): Beginning with descriptions of the three representations of the Sabbath in the Sabbath blessing in each Amidah (evening (348-50): You sanctifiedwho sanctifies the Sabbath; morning (484-486: Moses rejoicedwho sanctifies the Sabbath; and afternoon (612): You are onewho sanctifies the Sabbath) discuss the theological concepts found in each, how they relate to one another, and their cumulative message and effect.  Also discuss what they teach you about the Jewish conception of the Sabbath.  This latter element may be presented as an addendum to the essay or integrated into your discussion if your thesis makes doing so reasonable. Due 4/13.

Essays are to be approximately 5 typed double-spaced pages in length, organized around a thesis derived from the prompt.  You are expected to back your arguments with references to the assigned text(s) and to cite correctly all sources (see the instructions on the last page of the syllabus for details).  Essays should be submitted via email no later than 11:59pm on the day they are due.  They must be proofread before submission.  Three (3)errors  or more will affect your grade, as will lateness. Each of these will result in your paper being docked one letter degree (i.e. BB-): for every 3 careless errors or for each day they are overdue, respectively.