childhood cancer

include the following:

A thorough understanding of the topic
A critical assessment of all questions
At least two differential diagnoses, if applicable
At least two pharmacologic treatment modalities, if applicable
A well-developed treatment plan
A thorough patient education plan
The body of your paper needs to be 3-4 pages long. This does NOT include the title page and reference page. Papers that are more than 4 pages long will not be accepted. You must reference a minimum of two scholarly sources in your paper.

Thomas is an 11-year-old who was brought into the clinic today by his father for a 10-
pound weight loss over the past 2 weeks, and fatigue, pallor, and joint pain for the past
seven days. His father also reports that for the past 6 days, Thomas has had fevers up
to 102F. On exam, Thomas looks pale, thin, and mildly ill. You note enlarged anterior
and posterior cervical nodes and enlarged inguinal nodes.
1. What more should you know about Thomas?
2. What differentials are you considering?
3. What diagnostic tests/studies should you consider?
4. What should you tell Thomass father about the tests you are ordering?