Childhood and Reading Paper

Childhood and Reading Paper

Childhood and Reading Paper
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Write an essay of 1200 words (a bit longer is okay too). Please note: you will need to do some research regardless of which option you choose. You can use readings from the class, but you should also consult additional sources. You will need to document all information you get from secondary sources using parenthetical citations within your paper and a list of sources at the end of your paper. If you use APA format, the list of sources is labeled References; if you use MLA format, the list of sources is labeled Works Cited.

Option 1
Imagine that you have been asked to give a short presentation at a parents’ group meeting about why reading is important for children. Choose the following scenario and write a short paper that: 1. Describes the objectives you want to achieve in speaking to these parents, 2. Includes an outline of your talk, and 3. Indicate any visual aids or props you would bring with you. Your presentation to this group is expected to be about 20 minutes long.
1. You will be speaking to a parent education class at a nursery school in a poor neighborhood. The parents are concerned about their children but stretched very thin in terms of both time and resources. Their children range in age from 6 weeks to four years old.

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