Ch 1, 2, 3 “The Myth of Race”

In this essay, you will reflect on all that you have learned from your reading of chapters 1-3 of “The Myth of Race.”

You will do to the following in your essay:

*Discuss at least three things about how race was constructed and perpetuated through science, colonialism, and empire-building. Cite page numbers from the text.

*Compare what you learned about race from other sources versus what the truth about race is.

*Discuss why it is that the myth of race continues to be so popular and dominant in our society. Cite page numbers from the text.

*Describe the importance of anthropology in debunking the myths of race. Cite page numbers from the text.

Writing guidelines:

Your essay should be approximately five double-spaced typed pages. Your essay must be typed in twelve-point font.Your essay must have one-inch margins on all sides. Your essay must have a cover page and follow APA formatting guidelines. You will not use any direct quotes from the book. You will discuss the book in your own words. Direct quotes from the book will result in points taken off.