CDEV 73 Project


  1. Ongoing observations benefit and shape preschool programs. Pick two types of observations  (Pick from these: Anecdote, Checklist, Rating Scales, ABC Narrative Event Sampling, Tally Sampling, Time Sampling) and identify at least one way each of them benefits a program (not an individual child). Your answer should include: The two observations you would use and the information you might get from each observation to improve programs, schedules, and curriculum. (10 points)
  2. Make a checklist of preschool growth indicators of drawing (ages 2.5-5) using the information on page 73, Box 3.18. (5 points)
  3. Design a graphic rating scale based on Growth Indicators of Impulse Control on page 374 (first column). (5 points)
  4. A: You are preparing for a parent/teacher conference and are looking at observations that have been made of the child. Which observations are you going to use? Your answer should include: The observations you believe will be most helpful and why.    B: You plan to give the parents a portfolio of the child’s work. What are some of the things you will put in the portfolio? Your answer should include: A list of the contents of the portfolio.      C: In planning the conference you know you want to include all areas of development, what the child does well, and the skills the child is still developing. What will be in the outline you make to help you cover all that you want to discuss with the parents? Your answer should include: An outline that identifies what you want to discuss with the parents in a form that you will fill in for an actual conference. Do not fill the template in. (10 points)
  5. The physical environment may enhance or hinder children’s learning. Based on what you know and have observed give two specific examples of the effects (positive or negative) of room arrangement, lighting and visual appeal. Your answer should include: Two examples of how room arrangement, lighting, and/or visual appeal can help or hurt children’s learning. (10 points)
  6. You have been asked to authentically assess Nathan’s (4;3) motor skills within a play based preschool environment. He is very active and most comfortable playing in a group of children. How will you do the assessment (remember, it’s authentic!) Your answer should include: how you would conduct an authentic assessment, the motor skills you would assess, the observational instruments you would use, how you would conduct your assessment, and  one template (don’t fill it in) of an observational instrument you would use. (10 points)