Case study (business ethics)

Hello, basically this is a Business ethics class, and the professor wants us to write about a case study, so, I think you can have a look at the instruction down here and write about it! Also, I uploaded the lecture ppt here, so you can have a look at how the class is going and you can have some idea from the lecture slide:) 

Here is the CASE STUDY

Youre the VP of a medium-sized organization that uses chemicals in its production processes. In good faith, youve hired a highly competent scientist to ensure that your company complies with all environmental laws and safety regulations. This individual informs you that a chemical the company now uses in some quantity is not yet on the approved Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) list. However, it has been found to be safe and is scheduled to be placed on the list in about three months. You cant produce your product without this chemical, yet regulations say that youre not supposed to use the chemical until its officially approved. Waiting for approval would require shutting down the plant for three months, putting hundreds of people out of work, and threatening the companys very survival. What should you do?

Please read carefully and write about 270~300 words for me. If you don’t understand pls have a look at I uploaded ppt.

The writing level should be undergraduate level because I’m still in 3rd grade now:)