case scenario

Your human services counseling clients will come to you suffering at one level or another. Our lectures for the last two weeks and both the course texts, all discuss the concept of suffering and factors guiding how to counsel those who are suffering. In fact, a careful reading of the Reading & Study materials indicates numerous concepts and principles that could apply in counseling those who are hurting.
The five concepts you list MUST be based on the course material and no more than 400 words. , consider the following scenario. What suggestions from the course materials would you want to apply to this hurting client? Why did you choose those suggestions as most important?
You work primarily for an adoption agency but on some evenings, you volunteer your time at your churchs free counseling clinic. Your client in that setting, Jamie, was recently divorced and expresses that she has no direction in life. She feels very rejected and alone. She often cries in session and in her latest session, lashed out at you, her therapist, since she was not feeling better. She questioned whether you were really helping her since she is still feeling all this pain. She left asking, Why cant you help remove this needless suffering?
Hawkins & Clinton 9-12,
lectures for weeks 3-4)