You are asked to search and locate a peer-reviewed journal article published in a peer-reviewed academic journal addressing any aspect(s) of the intersection of the COVID-19 vaccine(s), health inequities, and/or health disparities. Articles that cover these topics could focus on, but are not limited to:
      Vaccination trials   Vaccine distribution: Globally In a specific region or country Specific populations within a region or country
Vaccine safety information/misinformation   Vaccine hesitancy   Recommendations for specific populations   another topic of your choosing which addresses COVID-19 vaccination and health inequities/disparities
  Next, You are asked to use the subheadings shown below to construct an annotated bibliography
Outline of an Annotated Bib for a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article. Provide answer to each Question
1. Complete reference:
2. Source description: ex. (Peer-reviewed editorial in the Journal of the American Medical) Association
3. How the article was located: ex.( S searched via google scholar, COVID-19/Vaccine)

4. Annotation: [2-3 sentence summary of article]
4. Take home points: [At least two major take home points/findings/conclusions from the article]
5. How the article relates to public health discussion: [2-3 sentences on how this article contributes to the global knowledge base related to COVID-19 vaccines/vaccination and health inequities/disparities? What lessons have been learned? How might the information in this article help us in future pandemic preparedness?]
6. Assessment of the usefulness of the article: [2-3 sentences on how useful this article/source was in furthering your understanding of how COVID-19 vaccination intersects with health inequities/disparities. If useful, why? Any information / explanation / data you feel is missing? If so, what? How could a future similar article/source improve on this article/source?]